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Turbotherm was founded in 1972 and deals with the developement and production of industrial machines for surface treatment.

This includes blasting of all ferrous and nonferrous materials with the most diverse abrasives for descaling and the removal of rust from surfaces of finished machinery of all shapes or their raw materials. Using the appropriate abrasives in the shapes of pellets a cleaning or surface hardening effect can be achieved.

Knowing your individual needs and your field of applications we would be happy to offer you the appropriate machinery designed for your special demands. Our range of poducts comprise suction type air blaster (for lightweight abrasives such as corundum, glass pellets or rice straw) pressure blasters (abrasive , especially for surface treatment on an industrial scale, with abrasives such as steel pellets etc.) and shotblasting machine suitable for continuous blasting mainly of raw materials. All blasting machines can be equipped with anything from manual feeding operation devices to automatic return of the abrasive by means of a scraper device. The basic equipment of blasting machines should at least comprise air filters for the recirculated air, a container for the abrasive incl. accessories, lights, etc. For the automatic return of the abrasive you will need worm conveyors, a bucket elevator , air-separator and storage bunkers. For subsequent treatment of the bright metal surfaces we have developed special painting cabines, drying cabins and combined ones, all of them exceeding EC-standards by far. Wae can meet your every need for surface coating (including the use of water-based surface protection) with regards to the technological and also the economic aspects, reasonably priced and yet meeting all required standards. The air-heaters can be admitted by all kinds of energy such as oil, gas, hot-water etc.

Our products are suitable for small workshops as well as large enterprises (e.g. lengths up to 30m/90ft) for industrial and repair businesses in the heavy machinery industry, and in the construction of railway carriaged or engines. Of course, all accessories such as fans, air filters and activated carbon filters come from our own production.